Its apparently a file in Windows that uses unallowed file names. The only way to fix this is through Windows “chkdsk” utility.

1. Boot into Windows
2. Click on “My Computer”
3. Get “Properties” on your C: drive
4. Click “Tools”
5. Click “Error-Checking” and enable the box for “Automatically fix errors”
6. Click apply.. and Windows will need to re-boot and “schedule” a disk-check on next reboot. Be sure to hold down your “Option” key during reboot (if you are running your Windows through Boot Camp). Re-boot into Windows
7. Disk Check will automatically run and you’ll see an error in “.\.Trashes\501” It will automatically fix this.
8. When its all done, Windows will automatically reboot normally.
9. Reboot back into OS X and that strange alias will be gone!